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Austin Davis

Austin Davis is an interdisciplinary sound and multimedia artist based out of Tx, with a focus on sound therapy, meditative, dark ambient, and psychedelic neo-western music. His current musical focus is on the use of acoustic and string instruments, subharmonic frequencies, deep bass drone, soundscape & avantgarde techniques to create unique, emotive, & therapeutic electro-acoustic compositions. As of April 2020, he already has out three new digital releases on Aural Atmospheres including "DREAD", an emotive bass drone driven catharsis, "CHIKI CHIKI MAKI FA", a neo-tribal sound experience and meditation centered around a visual fantasy world, and "NeoWestern Woosah Head" a completely improvised and live ambient neowestern performance for the online series Ambient Chaos, all available on bandcamp, spotify, & almost aywhere else online.

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