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-Southwestern Esoterica, showcasing some of the most distinguished purveyors of psychedelic sounds that Texas has to offer, is out not from Aural Atmospheres only on Bandcamp at

-Production of S Lucio's latest work "WOMB" has begun. These are soundscapes made exclusively from sounds sourced from the womb of her unborn baby Andres, who is due this labor day!

- Tons of new live performances from several of our artists on the team are up for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube Channel! Please subscribe here:

- Many new releases from multiple artists in the Aural Atmospheres catalogue have all been put out this year! Check out our full catalogue here:



- Wolf Party released their latest collection of sexy psychedelic make out jams entitled "REVERSE COWBOY" out now on Bandcamp here: & dropping into all other online platforms next week! 



- that psycho Austin's latest improvised "psycho-western" entitled "I Play With Myself" is out now on Bandcamp! Get it here:


A live performance & music video are archived to the Aural Atmospheres YouTube Channel here:



- "Breather" by S Lucio is out now only on Bandcamp here:

- The single "Who Will Rescue Me?" by Austin Davis is out now everywhere & in high quality download on Bandcamp at:

- Trips recently released their first recorded work in 5 years with "Get Lost" available only on Bandcamp at:

- that psycho Austin releases a single & tribute to the Friday the 13th films and inspired by the score  to "Jason Goes to Hell" entitled "Special Boys Don't Die" available only on Bandcamp here:

- Rabbit Hole 7 releases a new escapist-core surrealist asmr soundscape "Dream Womb" available only on bandcamp here:


- "Psuedonymous Gnosis" the new collaborative release from Brian Slaugher & Austin Davis is out now right here:


- Goners new EP featuring Austin Davis & Danica Tello is out now exclusively from Aural Atmospheres at:

- Austin Davis's new collaboration with Michael Esposito is a sound piece created exclusively from samples of EVP's captured in a Tuberculosis Sanitarium, available here:


- Austin Davis's live performance "NeoWestern Woosah Head" was featured as part of Pas Musique's online performance series "Ambient Chaos" You can see it right here:

- Davis's live performance on "Ambient Chaos" was mastered and made available for download on bandcamp here:




- The DIRE single by Wolf Party is officially out now everywhere as of today! Get it anywhere you like right here!:



The new music video for "Slowed n' Throwed Bossa Nova" by S Lucio is now available for streaming on the Aural Atmospheres youtube channel right here:

- "Chiki Chiki Maki Fa" by Austin Davis is now available for streaming and downloading right here:  It will be available everywhere else in April. 


Releases planned for first half of 2020

- "No Break From Heartache" (Single ) - Wolf Party, Feb 14

- "Reach" - S Lucio, Feb 18

- "Dire" (Single) - Wolf Party, March 3

- "Tone Orgy" - San Antonio Drone Circle, March 17

- "Chiki Chiki Maki Fa" - Austin Davis, April 7

- Check events button on homepage for upcoming events.



- Studio recording session with Danica Tello for upcoming release. 



-Austin Davis performs DREAD live Monday January 20th for Me Mer Mo Monday, in Austin Tx.

-DREAD by Austin Davis is now out on all streaming platforms and on limited edittion CD-R from Aural Atmospheres on Austin Davis's bandcamp page. Get it ANYWHERE at this link:

-"REACH" by S. Lucio is set for release February 2020

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